Don't Be A Dick, Stay Humble

The other day I was paired with some guys who weren’t seasoned as myself. After the first hole they ask me did I want to play ahead of them because they weren’t very good. I responded saying I was fine playing with them because playing alone isn’t very fun. True to their word they were absolutely terrible but I had an amazing time playing with them. The conversation was great and down right funny at times.  I even shared some tips with them when asked.  Internally I told myself “damn Brandon this was you not to long ago.” The moral of this story is basically if you’re not in a hurry and have mastered the skill of patience take time to play with others who have a different skill set, a good way to grow the game.

Brandon Mason

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama Brandon Mason aka B Mason studied Broadcasting & Communication Management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before working at a CW (CBS Corporation & Time Warner) affiliate as a creative service and promotions producer. His passion for story telling led him to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he received his Masters of Fine Art Degree in Directing Motion Picture.