First Post | How I Became Hooked On Golf

Well, I’m going to make this as short as possible especially since most people don’t like to read anymore. As some of you may know I am a Producer, Writer, Director, and Photographer. Coming off the success of my short film STAKES I wanted to make my first feature. I knew it would be a romantic comedy but that’s about all. Then one day I was passing by a golf course and it hit me. I would make my first feature a romantic comedy about golf. Then uncertainty set in and I realize I knew nothing about the game. I ask myself “how the hell you going to make a film about a sport you never played.” I though to myself it couldn’t be that difficult. (I was wrong) When I was a child I would knock all of my grandfather’s golf balls over the fence if I could do it then I could do it now. So I went to my nearest second hand shop and purchased some clubs super off brand (Woodbury I think…) but to me it was a deal I got the whole set for 29.99 plus tax. I immediately went to the driving range to crush some balls. I quickly realize this was not going to be easy. That’s when I did what any writer or director would do, research. I quickly immersed myself in books, YouTube, and talking to people in general. Fast-forward one year later I am almost finished writing my film. Now I have tons of stories, knowledge, pitfalls, and a golf handicap. I plan on sharing the past and present all with you guys. So thanks for reading and check back weekly for updates thanks.

Brandon Mason

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama Brandon Mason aka B Mason studied Broadcasting & Communication Management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before working at a CW (CBS Corporation & Time Warner) affiliate as a creative service and promotions producer. His passion for story telling led him to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he received his Masters of Fine Art Degree in Directing Motion Picture.