I Finally Broke 100 Shooting a 99 on Golf Channel AM Tour at Lake Merced

To become better at Golf it truly takes patients, practice, and persistence. After months of working hard I went from shooting 130-140 to finally breaking 100. I have broken 100 before but I only count it when it's done in a tournament. It was a cold and windy day at Lake Merced Golf Course. I had never played their before because it a private course. It did live up to all the hype of the LPGA hosting events their. I had an amazing time. It was a shotgun start and my group started on the 17th hole, a par 4 that I actually birdied. I was super excited and got greedy on the next hole a par 5 and ended up shooting a 9. After gathering myself I play all the other holes respectable. Now I am able to set a new goal of breaking 90. oh yea and i came in 2nd Place in my flight. I will keep you guys posted. 

Brandon Mason

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama Brandon Mason aka B Mason studied Broadcasting & Communication Management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before working at a CW (CBS Corporation & Time Warner) affiliate as a creative service and promotions producer. His passion for story telling led him to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he received his Masters of Fine Art Degree in Directing Motion Picture.