Concept & Beauty Photography [ICU] by B Mason

One day I was looking through some coffee table books at the house thinking about something creative I would like to work on. Breakfast at Tiffany's was playing in the background on my computer. In this one scene Audrey Hepburn was sneaking around a corner to look at something. That's when it hit me, I decided I would make my own coffee table book about different scenes and setting of women spying on their significant other. Some will be shot in studio and other on location. 

So I gathered up the team and told them my ideas and 1 week later we were in the studio making it happen. I got the two shot I was looking for but while their I had to knock off a couple of beauty shots. You have to take advantage of all the studio rental time. My goal was to shoot the whole thing medium format film but my bronica didn't want to cooperate that day and I left my mamiya and hasselblad at home. Note to self alway bring a back up camera and film. So I said F$&k it and shot the whole thing on my 7D the pictures still turned out great and I am very pleased to have my first 2 of 40 photos in the can.

Below is a Behind the scenes Video and a couple of pictures


Camera: Canon 7D

Lens: Canon 70-200 | Canon 50mm | Canon 16-35

Light meter Sekonic Flash Master L-358

Lighting: Beauty Dish 28 inch, Mono Strobe Flash & Arri 650

Editing: Adobe Photoshop CC & Lightroom

File Size 8MB

Print: ICU Table Top Book In Progress

Brandon Mason

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama Brandon Mason aka B Mason studied Broadcasting & Communication Management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before working at a CW (CBS Corporation & Time Warner) affiliate as a creative service and promotions producer. His passion for story telling led him to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where he received his Masters of Fine Art Degree in Directing Motion Picture.